ActionCOACH Mark McNulty

Mark McNulty is no stranger to success, with over 20 years as a successful business executive with experience in team leadership, marketing, sales, engineering, quality improvement, training, human resources, and finance.

Starting in 2004, Mark has dedicated himself to the small business community, with the goal of helping owners of small to medium sized businesses get more out of their businesses and their lives.  Mark brings a high level of energy, enthusiasm and a multitude of fresh ideas to his coaching clients.  Self-driven and motivated, he is a true believer in constant personal development and education, which he demands from his clients as well.  During this time, Mark has been a recipient of the Indiana/Southern Ohio Action Man Award for 2004 and 2006 as well as the 2005 Most Improved Coach.  In 2007, Mark was recognized on a broader scale with a Global Action Man Award and the Indiana/Southern Ohio Team Player Award.  2009 brought another Action Man Award, this time for the Americas region and in 2011 he was recognized with the prestigious NetworkCOACH award for the Americas region.

Born in the Chicago suburbs, Mark has lived in the Mid-West his whole life.  He recently moved from Indiana to Louisville, where he lives with his wife Liz.  He balances his work and play by golfing as often as possible and rooting for Notre Dame.

My firm Belief is that your Business should Serve your Life.

My Mission is to help 1000 business owners improve their lives through a combination of Education, Implementation, and Accountability.